A Motivational Movement

Mission Statement

Inspire. Empower. Mobilize.

Follow My Feet aims to ensure that the dreams of our youth – and anyone else who dares to dream – are limitless.

As Stefani continues to follow her passions, she encourages others to be leaders and ignite their passions as well. “Live The Life You Want. You Are The Creator Of Your Destiny.” ­SV

With this powerful platform, Stefani speaks, engages and encourages her three target audiences – young people, women, and minorities – to (1) visualize themselves in a passionate and purpose filled life and career and (2) continue on a path toward executing that vision in an actionable way. It may seem blurry to imagine yourself as an entrepreneur or artist when no one around you has ever walked that path. The road may not be clear but, if you can follow your feet by listening to that voice inside that is unique to you, Stefani believes your path will present itself as you just keep moving forward. She’s living proof.

Throughout her career, Stefani Vara breaks barriers and proves that by following your feet, dreams can be achieved.  With a BA in Communications from the University of Colorado and diverse business background, Stefani engages a combination of inspired creativity and real-world experience to build a stellar entrepreneurial resume as a successful independent recording artist, part owner of an expanding family food business, and now a digital content executive producer.


To introduce our children to the 10 steps to making your footsteps become your reality.

To raise awareness on the innumerable career paths that can complement our passions.

To encourage individual pride, boost academic performance, prepare students for college and career readiness.’