“Entrepreneurship has always been important to me.”- SV

The seeds were planted in Stefani’s life when her family owned a restaurant in the small town where she grew up, Baytown, Texas. Seeing the impact that ownership had on her family, and the good they were able to do for their community, stuck with her. Now as a recording artist and entrepreneur she uses some of those same lessons on a daily basis. Lessons like perfecting her craft so that her product speaks for itself, and working with others toward a common goal are key components to her success. Stefani does her best to inspire others to strive for that same success. Whether she’s in the studio working on a new song, or in the kitchen with her family preparing their salsa to be packaged and shipped, she believes it is important to chart a course that feels authentic. There is nothing wrong with a traditional nine-five job if you believe in what you do and enjoy it. Stefani just wants people to dream without limits; and to be able to see themselves somewhere other than a cubicle while still feeling secure in their future.

When she’s blogging, speaking to a large group, singing or hosting her podcast Stefani wants to inspire people to create their own destiny and turn big dreams into reality. She says that,

“If we can be in control of our own finances, hire people who may be from our same neighborhoods, empower communities for the better, and build legacies . . . then we can all shape the future in a bold and bright way.”