Filming my podcast at Wicowork in Midtown Houston has been wonderful!
If you haven’t already heard, I’ve upgraded my podcast. The new format is a show that focuses on creative entrepreneurs and professionals. It highlights their journeys and shares valuable lessons they learned along the way, in an effort to encourage and educate the next wave of aspiring creatives. Since I’m a shoe fan, we also spice up the conversation with funny stories about shoes – for a bit of unscripted fun.

The podcast is called Support Creative Soles, and I’d love for you to check it out.

Once my team started booking more guests, we quickly realized that we needed a reliable professional space to film. My producer, Alicia, checked around with some of the local co-working options in town. She found that there were a few national chains that had spaces available. The amenities were impressive; but since the larger chains are typically in super-busy areas like Downtown or The Galleria we were concerned about parking for our guests, the logistics of moving all the recording equipment we’d need and (of course) traffic. After looking into some locally owned options, we found Wicowork. (Read to the end to see our Virtual Tour)


We love this space! Wicowork is a graciously renovated historic home in the Midtown area of Houston. Thankfully, that means the convenience of close proximity to Downtown and almost every major highway – without the congestion, traffic and noise. We also love the idea of supporting a homegrown business. Don’t get me wrong, the large scale operations based on either coast with locations in every big city have their advantages. Several of my entrepreneur friends use those spaces and love them. For this podcast, I think being able to support a local business while we feature entrepreneurs in Houston AND all over the country, helps drive our point home. That point being that there are several creative career options out there to pursue.

Here is the tour I went on recently, to virtually share with you guys some of the great features of Wicowork. I highly recommend exploring this option if you are in need of professional creative space. Tell them Stefani sent you!


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