I’ve been in a particularly festive mood. For me, celebrating means lots of family time BUT also making time to get back to your own passions. That’s why I am so glad I was able to do what I love – sing – AND end up with something to share with all of you.

My song, “My First Christmas With You“, is out and right now and available for free download. I’m sharing this song as a holiday gift. That’s right . . .  on the house. It’s my first time recording a Christmas song. I wanted to do something about love, and celebration. Since my fiance John and I are celebrating our first Christmas as an engaged couple, planning for our soon coming wedding, and starting to create our own traditions . . . this seemed like the perfect time.

Stefani Vara's cover Art for her song, My First Christmas With You

Download “My First Christmas With You” Free

This song feels whimsical, and does not take it self too seriously. It’s not perfect, but that’s exactly how I wanted it. It’s kinda like how I feel about this picture (below). The star on our tree is crooked, and my gift wrapping skills obviously suck, but I’m happy with it! The joy on my face is real and that makes everything else okay. Sometimes, we forget to be laid back and let ourselves experience a moment just because it’s not picture perfect. I know this photo will be a good memory for us in the future. I’m also content to know it’s a good feeling for right now. Don’t forget to be present. Especially during this time of year.


Be present, Not perfect

It felt great to get back into the studio and record something fun. Out of every creative thing I do, music is still what I love the most. In 2019, I plan of coming back with a Spanish version of my song “I Do It All”.  I learned, from the process of recording this Christmas song, that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. People will always have their criticism, but if it’s your vision. . . run with it.

Merry Christmas!