This new beginning has been a blast! My Support Creative Soles podcast is fully up and running. I’ve had great guests so far, with in depth looks at topics that every creative or entrepreneur can relate to.

In the first episode, Regina Moretto – a photographer, fashion stylist and creative director – sat down with me to talk about Destiny, the law of attraction, the power of collaboration and how old-school sneakers are coming back. Catch our candid convo here, below:

Next, episode two dealt with balancing your life and your entrepreneurial hustle. To tackle this topic, I chatted with guest Lidia Ferrufino – creator and host of Livin’ Latina Live. Lidia is also a fashion blogger, an interior design assistant (which I found out during the show), a wife and a mother to a young son! We talked about how she had to mentally prepare for entrepreneurship after becoming a mother AND how she helped her own mom make the jump to launching her own brand.  This balancing act has become an even more important topic to me recently, since I got ENGAGED between episode one and two. Great to talk with a lady who is working to keep a similar balance.
You can watch that episode, here:

The Support Creative Soles podcast was created to highlight inspiring people in creative fields,  while offering support for aspiring creatives. Since you guys know that I love shoes, we also feature a few shoe stories to help kick-up your innovative journey.

Stay tuned for more episodes which will be available soon! Follow us on Instagram, join our community on Facebook , subscribe via Apple Podcasts, or tune in via iHeart Radio. Let us know who you would like to hear as our next guest.

And keep kicking it, you creative soles.