livin latina

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest co-host on Livin’ Latina Live, a Social Media Live Talk Show that has girl chat style conversations about various topics. This Houston based, Latina hosted show encourages participation and questions from it’s social media fan base as they are invited to tune in live via Instagram and Facebook live feeds. The atmosphere is positive, encouraging, open and non-judgmental – just like a conversation among girlfriends should be. It’s a cool concept, with a cool host – Lidia Ferrufino, who is a wife, mom, fashion blogger and half of the creative team behind House Of Alice Rose.

Here I am with Lidia, the host of Livin’ Latina Live

The theme of the show I appeared on was “School’s Out“. Lidia and myself spoke with two young ladies from high-school Tameka Moore who owns and manages a Kiddie Academy in the Clear Lake area. Spanning all ages and aspects of education plus leveling up: from raising kids in the school system, being a young lady who takes ownership of your own education, moving from high school to college, and what to do after graduating college . . . we really tackled some everyday life issues on an in-depth level. You can watch the episode for yourself here:

Special thanks to Lidia for having me on as a guest co-host!
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