If you follow me on social media you probably noticed that I attend some events during New York fashion Week this year. I love going back to New York to visit, especially during NYFW, because between the fashion shows and the fashionable clothes you see on people in the streets you can really get a good sense of what styles are going to be the hottest. Since I like to stand out, it’s also helpful to pick up on those trends that have been flying under the radar a bit, but you can tell the fashion forward thinkers will be embracing them.

Here are some of the events I was able to attend during NYFW in mid-September:

Irina Vitjaz, The Gallery at The Dream Downtown;  Andy Hilfiger Presents ARTISTIX / STYLE 360 at Metropolitan W; The Torrid fashion show at Skylight; The TechStyle NYC event at The Lofts at Prince;  Eva Longoria Collection / STYLE 360  at Metropolitan West and the Tumbler and Tipsy fashion show by Michael Kuluva








Some of the trends that stood out to me were that big designers, and indie labels, were using refined methods for plaid prints. Usually plaid is a staple for Fall in things like scarves and vests. Calvin Klein and Balenciaga are using plaid currently in their higher concepts which, to me, sounds like a new more chic feel for the classic print. I also noticed a lot of florals. And not just haphazard, left of from Spring ideas but purposefully making floral prints a part of Winter looks. Metallics also seem to be making a comeback, after neutral matte and muted finishes had been prefered for some time now. Of course, the great thing about fashion is being able to make it your own. What you wear can be a big part of your identity. And while clothes are certainly not the most important thing, expressing yourself can be.