Music is Stefani’s first true passion. She is always singing!  After asking herself what she truly wanted to do for a career, Stefani decided to move to New York to become a professional singer. She embraced the decision wholeheartedly and began her education in music. After recording her first album “Storybook Diaries” with an independent record label, she decided to part ways and create her own path. She moved back to Houston and started her own production company, SAV Productions.  Stefani now distributes her own music independently. Her first single release “Middle of the Night” hit the international charts in Turkey. Stefani continues to create, write, motivate and bring you music that she is passionate about.

“Music is my first true passion.” -SV

Meet Pablo!

Ladies and Gents, allow me to introduce to you a very special individual (insert trumpets and fanfare here) . . . Pablo! Isn't he adorable? My love and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while. We found a breeder in Kingwood, Texas which is just Northeast of...
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Hurricane Harvey Shoe Donation

When hurricane Harvey first hit the Houston area I was just getting back into town. I actually got stuck in the airport hotel for a few days, because streets were not safe to pass. one of the images that has really stayed with me was when I saw a young lady walking...
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Top 5 Reasons I Love Having A Podcast

I hope you already know that I host a Podcast. If you don’t, be sure to click on over and check out some of my latest offerings. It’s an outlet I really enjoy and I’m looking forward to growing my audience with varying topics, guests and giveaways. Here are a few of...
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How NYFW Prepared Me For Fall/Winter

If you follow me on social media you probably noticed that I attend some events during New York fashion Week this year. I love going back to New York to visit, especially during NYFW, because between the fashion shows and the fashionable clothes you see on people in...
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