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Top 5 Reasons I Love Having A Podcast

I hope you already know that I host a Podcast. If you don’t, be sure to click on over and check out some of my latest offerings. It’s an outlet I really enjoy and I’m looking forward to growing my audience with varying topics, guests and giveaways. Here are a few of my favorite reasons for being a podcast person. 

  1. The Podcast World Is Booming – Everyone from major brands to media outlets known for more traditional forms of expression (Magazines, TV News, etc.) is starting a podcast these days. That is not a random thing. The growth of podcasting is hard to ignore. broke down the findings of a podcasting study. Their summary says that 57 Million Americans listen to podcast. That’s 21% of the country, which is the same percentage of Americans that use Twitter.
  2. It Feels More Personal – No boring statistics here (although the ones above are pretty impressive). I’m a talker. I prefer speaking to someone whenever possible. Blogging is fun, and great for links and visuals, but my podcast show feels more like a conversation. You never know where the conversation will end up and that is half the fun.
  3. It’s Easy – Listen, I love you guys. Anyone that takes time out of their schedule to tune in to something I have to say, whether it’s listening to a speech or reading an Instagram caption, I appreciate you. In real life though, I’m busy. It takes a lot to create all those messages and stay relevant. For me, podcasting is a fairly easy way to create content.
  4. It’s Current – Sometimes I’ll have blog posts scheduled far in advance. If I am working with a brand or an event, I know what i need to say well before it’s time to say it. There is a set plan and schedule. Having a podcast allows me to change the topic almost instantly. Whether I am recording or going live, if something important happens day-of, I can work it into my show. I can really make it my own, and connect with an audience in an authentic way.
  5. Feedback – Like I said, podcasting feels like a conversation to me. That means I also get to listen. Comments, topic suggestions, reactions to guests . . . anything my audience has to say i am down to listen. It helps me get even more excited about producing the content if I know it is something you asked for, suggested or are sharing with others. What’s your favorite thing about podcasts?

How NYFW Prepared Me For Fall/Winter

If you follow me on social media you probably noticed that I attend some events during New York fashion Week this year. I love going back to New York to visit, especially during NYFW, because between the fashion shows and the fashionable clothes you see on people in the streets you can really get a good sense of what styles are going to be the hottest. Since I like to stand out, it’s also helpful to pick up on those trends that have been flying under the radar a bit, but you can tell the fashion forward thinkers will be embracing them.

Here are some of the events I was able to attend during NYFW in mid-September:

Irina Vitjaz, The Gallery at The Dream Downtown;  Andy Hilfiger Presents ARTISTIX / STYLE 360 at Metropolitan W; The Torrid fashion show at Skylight; The TechStyle NYC event at The Lofts at Prince;  Eva Longoria Collection / STYLE 360  at Metropolitan West and the Tumbler and Tipsy fashion show by Michael Kuluva








Some of the trends that stood out to me were that big designers, and indie labels, were using refined methods for plaid prints. Usually plaid is a staple for Fall in things like scarves and vests. Calvin Klein and Balenciaga are using plaid currently in their higher concepts which, to me, sounds like a new more chic feel for the classic print. I also noticed a lot of florals. And not just haphazard, left of from Spring ideas but purposefully making floral prints a part of Winter looks. Metallics also seem to be making a comeback, after neutral matte and muted finishes had been prefered for some time now. Of course, the great thing about fashion is being able to make it your own. What you wear can be a big part of your identity. And while clothes are certainly not the most important thing, expressing yourself can be.

Hosting the Macy’s Fall Fashion Event


This past weekend, I hosted a Fall Fashion event at Macy’s in Memorial City Mall. I was representing the Houston Latina Bloggers, a great group of ladies “creating a nationwide awareness of Houston based Latina content creators, writers & digital influencers”. They have always supported me, so I am happy to do the same. (BTW, if you are a Latina in the Houston area and you do anything online you should check them out).

The in-store event in Macy’s highlighted trends for the Fall season, wardrobe must-haves, and the launch of two new brands. Dior had a beauty station set up on site, to help guests get ready for Fall with a fresh look. There were sales on clothing and cosmetics,  giveaways for the first 25 guests and special gifts for anyone who spent 50 bucks in the women’s department.

My favorite part was talking with shoppers about the new brands;  Kobi Halperin and Anna Sui X INC. i got to wear one of the Anna Sui looks. I picked a black and white dress with hearts, since they are my fave. The line features fringe, lots of rock and groovy throw-back style influences. I also talked about two of macy’s current style profiles: WESTERN VIBRATIONS – which features spiffed-up button downs, cowboy booties, stud embellishments and denim and MODERN MUSE – highlighting blouses with dramatic sleeves, statement jackets and leather hobo bags that go from work to weekend.

Be sure to look out for more from me, Houston Latina Bloggers and Macy’s in the future. I’ll be hosting an upcoming fashion show in San Antonio. Details coming soon.

My Experience Speaking at Lee College

I was such a pleasure to speak to students at Lee College in Baytown. The HSI – STEM Department staff invited me to speak as a part of the programming and activities scheduled for their Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. HSI, or Hispanic Serving Institutions – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is U.S. Department of Education grant. The goals of this grant are to increase the number of Hispanic and other low income students attaining degrees in fields of science, technology, engineering or mathematics, through expanding and enhancing educational opportunities for Hispanic students. I was honored to be invited and involved.

I grew up in Baytown, and I was sure to share that with the students I spoke to. I wanted them to see that someone from a small town like ours could dream big, do big and have a big impact. Now, obviously there are still things I want to achieve for myself but I shared as much as I could about the experiences I have had, my determination to go after my dreams and lessons I’ve learned along the way. That included my 10 steps to going after your passion, a few funny stories from my time living in New York City, answering some questions from the audience and closing by singing my original song.

I love connecting with audiences, especially when I can speak some positivity into someone’s life. I like to think that if I can inspire at least one person, then it was well worth the effort. And guess what, my speaking engagement made The Baytown Sun newspaper. I know it’s rude to toot your own horn – but this is the newspaper in my hometown. My grandmother got this paper delivered to her door well after most people had switched to simply reading online. It’s a sentimental milestone for me. And the cherry on top of a great day.

Special thanks to Victoria Marron, Daisy Aramburo and the HSI Initiatives Program Staff and Students