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Pitching In For the Kids

At the beginning of the year, I took an inspiring trip to Nicaragua. I love traveling, and I do it often. This particular trip was especially rewarding since 1) I got to travel with my love and 2) we were there for a good cause. You know I love to help in the community anyway I can. This trip was a way to expand that outreach to the global community. My honey, John, played baseball and still loves the sport. So, when a friend of his invited him to come and give back through Project Béisbol, I invited myself to tag along. I’m so glad I did.

Project Béisbol is a non-profit organization that uses baseball as an avenue to connect with youth in communities of economic need. Their pillars of community, education and opportunity also lead to team work, physical activity and cultural exchange PLUS fun. They operate via programs in multiple cities throughout Columbia, Nicaragua, Cuba, El Salvador and Guatemala while also hosting fundraising events and equipment drives in the United States.

It was such a great time, to see the kids just be themselves while enjoying Project Béisbol. Sportsmanship teaches so many lessons that are beneficial to every kid. Making sure that kids are not being counted out of that tradition just because of the cost of equipment or uniforms is such important work. It means that children in areas that could most benefit from positive activities will be able to enjoy them.

Of course, the scenery and food in Nicaragua was amazing! It was also a huge plus “getting away” with John, and seeing him give back through something he loves like baseball. To me though, the highlight of the trip was the smiles on those kids’ faces.
Please check out Project Béisbol to see more about the good work they do, and to see how you may be able to help if you’d like.

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Strong Women Playlist

Strong Women Playlist

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day! I’m so glad for the strong women in my life. From my late grandmother, to my mom, my sisters and the awesome women I get to work with. In honor of all of them, and you, I put together a little playlist featuring songs about and by women who live and love strongly. You can check out that playlist here, on Spotify.

Let me know what tunes you like to jam when you’re ready to turn up your strong woman vibes. And, if it’s your first time hearing my latest song Get Up, tell me what you think. As a little bonus, here is a link to a recent article featuring me on

Thanks to them, and everyone who supports and highlights strong women all over the world!


Meet Pablo!

Ladies and Gents, allow me to introduce to you a very special individual (insert trumpets and fanfare here) . . . Pablo!

Isn’t he adorable? My love and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while. We found a breeder in Kingwood, Texas which is just Northeast of Houston. In addition to being a Texan, Pablo is also a Virgo. He was born on September 9th.

He’s everything we wanted and hoped for! That is good to remember since he is a brand new puppy and obviously that means a lot of work. I am new here. I’ve never had a dog of my own before. So, I sought out some expert tips just to make sure I am on the right track. I found an article called “10 Tips to Help You Train Your Puppy” on Besides the ten tips, the article has links to several other helpful resources like tips for first time dog owners. The Spruce offers home & living advice and inspiration for everything from entertaining and decor, to home repair and pets. I will certainly be leaning on the type of know-how they offer . . . especially since I just recently moved into a new house. I’m in a season of lots of “first” experiences. It’s exciting! Between the new place, my new little furry guy, and some tasty developments in my business (that’s a hint, details coming soon), there will be a lot of firsts for me to share with you here. For example, we recently took Pablo to his first Vet appointment – AND – got him to sit still enough for our first family photo, below. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave some comments about any fun firsts you are celebrating.


Hurricane Harvey Shoe Donation

When hurricane Harvey first hit the Houston area I was just getting back into town. I actually got stuck in the airport hotel for a few days, because streets were not safe to pass. one of the images that has really stayed with me was when I saw a young lady walking around the airport without shoes on her feet. I could only imagine that her family had fled their area after realizing that flooding was an immediate threat to them. They likely left in a hurry, carrying very little if any possessions. I wanted to help.

Shoes are my thing. I model footwear professionally for some big brands. I also call my motivational movement Follow My Feet, hoping to encourage people to create their own path and keep moving forward. So that image in my mind of the young lady in the airport kind of became a mission for me. I put together a shoe drive, to help people in need here in Houston and in my hometown called Baytown which is east of Houston and right on Galveston Bay. Thankfully, my friends at Keds were generous enough to join me in this. Keds donated boxes full of Women’s and Kids shoes to my shoe drive effort! It wasn’t easy to organize it all, and there were some bumps along the way especially considering several business and non-profits in the area were reeling while trying to deal with all the clean-up, relief, volunteering and donations going on after Hurricane Harvey.

Getting it all sorted out, and getting the shoes to those in need was important to me. I’m glad to say that mission has been accomplished. In Baytown, shoes went to an organization called Communities In Schools, as well as to some students at Lee College. In Houston, shoes were donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston. I want to thank every person who dropped of a pair of shoes at one of our partner locations, who mailed in a pair, who helped share the info about my shoe drive or supported it in any other way, and especially the nice folks at Keds.
I sincerely hope to lead more giving back initiatives like this in the near future.


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