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Loved being featured on @microsoftoffice for a skype with @NicoleRichie! 

We spoke about #comidacaliente season 2 and what are our next platforms! Thank your for having me! If you missed it you can catch it here!!

Excited to be performing at this in May! If you would like to attend check out the link below!

Proud to kick off my first educational meet and greet for the Follow My Feet Campaign

“Follow My Feet” Motivational Program


1. Vara’s motivational campaign introduces her 10 steps that can make help make your dream a reality. Don’t put your dream’s on someone else’s clock. You have to take action.

2.My focus is the economically challenged youth who need a voice, a role model and to know there are opportunities for them to be able to follow their dreams.

3. I want to raise awareness on the many different career paths that can compliment ones passion and encourage the process of following and living multiple goals.


1. Vara’s motivational campaign introduces img_1148her 10 steps that can make help make your dream a reality. Don’t put your dream’s on someone else’s clock. You have to take action.

2.My focus is the economically challenged youth who need a voice, a role model and to know there are opportunities for them to be able to follow their dreams.

3. I want to raise awareness on the many different career paths that can compliment ones passion and encourage the process of following and living multiple goal


I finally released my new single “I do It All”



Founder and CEO: Kiersten Kindred

Date: April 9, 2016

Location: Houston Food Bank

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Business Advancement Conference in Houston Texas. It was held at the Houston Food Bank, and planned by Kiersten Kindred of Kindred Communications. There were so many great perks to this conference starting with the great price, headshot session, and lets not forget the amazing speakers. The speakers were all quick, précises and extremely informative. The topics touched on so many important aspects of how to make your business and brand successful. I was extremely moved by motivational speaker Donna Wick of WICKed Publicity. She spoke on her personal stories of the power of saying YES! She also reminded us that the key to life is GRATITUDE!! Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are trying to accomplish we forget what we have already done. Even though I already started my business it is key to attend great conferences like this one. It confirmed that I am moving in the right direction. It also opened doors to key contacts for the advancement and success of my business.


Bob Keplinger-Action coach

Kirsten Oliphant-Create If Writing

Toni Harris-Contant Contact

Donna Wick-WICKed Publicity

Kristal Howard-Kroger

Liz Robinson-Turningstones Digital Strategy Lab

Thais A. Tellawi + Saeed Tellawi-Amaral Tellawi Law

Ronald Richmond-Weebly


Stomp Out Stroke Festival
May 14, 2016IMG_8767I was excited to perform for this special event!! Its been awhile since I have performed, but it’s was like riding a bike! Awesome day!!

03Make sure you

 On The Mic w/ Stefani V…… Fast- paced entertainment talk radio show with topics spanning entertainment, industry gossip, sports, entrepreneurship/business, fashion, and much more!!!


#2015 RECAP 

Normally I do a long recap of the year and how wonderful it was! #2105 was great! Here is a brief list of what I think I accomplished:

1.Nominated as a Latina of Influence

2. Filmed a sizzle for my new show Casa De Vara

3. Performed at every venue in Houston

4.Attended many events i.e.: Fashion Week,Red Carpets,

5. Started a new salsa business #ComidaCalienteSalsa

6.Created my first annual Pop Up Shop

7.Travel to different countries

8. Expanded my blog #followmyfeet

9. Learned to loved in a different way

10. Learned to live in the NOW!

YES, All of that is great and I was very happy with what I did, BUT this year was bitter-sweet! I lost someone extremely dear to my heart…. So after that the rest of the year was a blur. It’s hard finding that true happiness and actually being excited about things when someone isn’t there to share it with. My grandma was my second mother and supported me in almost everything I did. She was my favorite person.  At times I find myself picking up the phone to call her to share how my life is going only to realize she isn’t there. I sigh.. hang up and realize how much she is missed!  As time passes the pain is less but her presence in my mind never fades!!   At Christmas eve mass the priest said, “Remember those who you have loved and been in your life, and remember to live in the Now.” Live for today and what is going on in you life in the present. Going into #2016 I am going to try my hardest to remember that and to realize where I am now is where I am supposed to be! I need to live it to the fullest!  I went into #2016 “FEELING ALIVE” My motto for going into the new year is “NO TIME FRAME” For many of us we putting restrictions on when things are supposed to happen. Its time to just realize that anything can happen at anytime. Everyone else’s time frame isn’t yours so hold tight and know everything will happen in your time!!!


I wasn’t too excited about traveling to Japan at first, mainly because of the long flight. All of  that changed once we go to the hotel. I stayed at the Hilton Osaka and it was so beautifully decorated with Christmas decor. The rooms were spacious and we had our very own Kimono. I was amazed by how everything was so clean! No one was eating on the train, or while walking like in New York. We took the train the next day to Kyoto to see the Buddhist temple. We rode pretty much in silence. Compared to the New York’s subway rides it was quite peaceful! The temple was absolutely amazing. The bright orange leaves looked as if they were painted. There were a lot of schools there on a field trip, and people visiting. I loved to read about the traditions.  I took so many pictures!  In the city i noticed that the fashion was on point. Every woman had on heels with her makeup don’t right and outfit put together. You didn’t see them walking in sneakers or look casual. There wasn’t a shortage of shopping, and I am glad I brought a small bag because I would have bought something in each store! The food markets were filled with different types of fish, tempura, green teas, and of course delicious sweets! I couldn’t stop eating the breads! They had just about every type of sweet something you wanted and it was all so good!! I wasn’t there long enough to see everything, but I do highly recommend visiting Japan!!



Verizon Minority-Business Summit

Houston TX

November 17, 2015


*This was a compensated post 


**Let me start by saying, that the day before this event I was having one of those “moments”. Those moments  that I am sure most entrepreneurs have.  A moment of DOUBT, FEAR, and  UNCERTAINTY. I was struggling with where I was with my projects and If I was making the right decisions. I knew I needed an uplifting experience to bring me back to my destined path. Little did I know that this event would be that exact experience**

I was asked by @MommaofDos if I would like to attend the Verizon Minority Owned Business Summit as part of the Houston Latina Bloggers and I was elated! The event took place at the JW Marriot in Houston Tx. on Nov. 17. It brought together a great group of small business owners, Texas-based bloggers and amazing speakers.

The event started out with a bang as we had the opportunity to listen to key-note speaker Linda Alvarado, CEO of Alvarado Construction and co-owner of the Colorado RockiesIt was during Mrs. Alvarado’s speech that thIngs started to become very clear again. I love being motivated by such  inspirational stories.  I was beyond moved by the way she overcame so many obstacles as a Latina, and a woman in order to get where she is today. I felt she was very personal and made me feel like I was on the right path again!! She truly is a remarkable business woman and continues to build her community as a Latina. It’s rare we get to hear such powerful words from a Latina women. I only hope to be able to share my story and move others to success like she has done today! I have found a new role model!

“By not taking risks, you can’t make progress”-Linda Alvarado

I worry a lot, but I am not afraid. I have come to believe that you must step out on faith. Everything I have done so far I have just taken the leap!  A lot of us get stuck in our fears. Its not easy but as Mrs. Alvarado says, “You will never get to second base if you keep your foot on first!”

A couple of her quotes that I feel were great are:

“Think of ways to do business that’s not part of the traditional model”

“Don’t hesitate all big Businesses started out as small business”

“Don’t just look the part, get into the game and open the doors for others”

“Eliminate Never and Always”

“Start small think BIG”

The second half of the event was a panel of exceptional local minority businesses owners. The discussion was extremely motivating. They spoke on how they became successful and the trial and tribulations of their journey.

The panel included Emilio Gonzalez, Executive Director For Strategic Alliances; Alex Davidson CEO at Securranty; Carol Guess, General Counsel at The Guess Group, Inc.; Alex Lopez Negrete President/CEO of Lopez Negrete Communications; Laura Oldaker CEO/Executive Director at By Your Side Senior Care; and Nelson Reyneri Senior Vice President, Sales & External Affairs at Liberty Power Corporation.

At the end of the event there was also a great blogger panel. As a new blogger it was very helpful to get some expert tips from top bloggers Eric T Tung,  Byrdie Franco, and especially Monica Villa. I look forward to building my blog, and brand though technology and networking.

** I left the event that day with a new frame of mind! My doubts, and fears had vanished and I knew the risks would eventually pay off. It was so refreshing to attend something so positive and uplifting. I love the spirit of an entrepreneur and the room was filled with the eagerness to win and succeed! We need more events like this! I also enjoyed learning from others, and realizing that everyone has to start somewhere. It’s not the destination but the journey! Networking, Motivation, Positivity, Hard work,Leadership, and Community are all key to a successful business **


“The Poet of Havana” Carlos Varela

What I love most about music is how it moves people’s hearts and souls. It can take us to a place where rules, structure and negativity no longer exists. We sometimes take for granted of what we have, were we live and what is most importantly our freedom!


I recently had the opportunity to view the “The Poet of Havana” in New York! It truly was an amazing event. This Cuban artist brought his people together with his lyrics and music. He did this by simply creating songs that he loved. The best part of this is he never thought it would create such a huge movement or make changes in Cuba.  I had never heard of him before this event and now I feel a piece of his movement has motivated me to continue on my path. To know that if you continue to create what you love, and do it for the the sake of passion you never know what an impact you can have on someone. The freedom only exists when  you belong to nothing!

Stayed tuned watch @HBOLatino on October 23rd 8/7 central




My sister’s and mom had the chance last year to go to Oaxaca, Mexico! My cousin was getting married and we had such and amazing time! We have all been to Mexico many times, but there was such a magical feeling in Oaxaca and we didn’t want to leave. Her wedding was BEAUTIFUL and the church was beyond amazing. I put together a small video of our trip. I wanted to show how family, love, food and music is why my heritage and culture are so important to me and my family. Please enjoy!!


GBK Productions Gifting Suite & Pilotpen #NYFW

Details of products!!

  1. Pilot-
  2. Reisa-
  3. Cynthia Gale-
  5. Lancaster
  6. Ikes- @ikesplace, @therealikes
  7. The Science of Eating
  8. The Life Cell-
  9. Canada Bliss-
  10. Peeks-
  11. Flawed-
  12. Beyond The Rack-
  14. Maven-
  15. We Never Asked for Wings-Vanessa Diffenbagh
  16. You are a Badass- Jen Sincero
  17. Carmex-
  18. Betty Boop



#1-Black mesh dress-@BCBG, Shoes-@YSL Black pumps

#2-Gold Romper-@A’Gaci, Shoes-@YSL Black Pumps

#3-Black Sequin Pants-@TamarCollection, Shoes-@YSL Black Pumps

#4-Sequin Jacket- Vintage Boutique, Skirt-Hilda Pena Design, Shoes-Black Lace Pumps-@tamarcollection

#5- Black Two Piece set- @BSmartClothing, Shoes- @H&M

#6- Black silk dress-@BCBG, Shoes-@Bailman

Quote of the September!!

For so long we continue to give our energy to things that are not supposed to be for us! I have yet to find a special companion/Soulmate, but I am realizing its because I have a hard time of letting go!  Its an addiction that I have struggled with for so long! I try to see the good in people and I love to love!! I’m am also so stubborn that I try to change, fix, wait and hope that its right for me. In the end I am left suffering, sad and questioning myself. Have you done this? No More! No more! No more! I have realized that if I don’t stop this my heart won’t be happy! Peace of mind is so much more important and your health! Sometimes you just have to leave it alone!! Here is to an amazing September!


Outfits for Vegas!

I love finding cute, trendy, fun clothes for less. I tend to find most of my outfits at either Ross, TJMax or Marshalls! These four outfits came from Ross and Forever21!  They have cute summer dresses for less and you can style them up with cute shoes and jewelry! I love going to find my jewelry at vintage/thrift stores because there you can find unique pieces. As for my shoes I love going to H&M or Forever 21 for my everyday shoes and sandals. I found these great BCBG black wedges at Ross! My grandma always says ” Its not where its from .. Its how you wear it!!”  I live by this rule!!!

IMG_3537 IMG_3567 IMG_3592 IMG_3636

Las Vegas Show!!

Second #SOTD

Rachel Zoe

When It comes to @rachelzoe she can do no wrong in fashion. Her style expertise is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. I love her clothing line and her shoes are amazing as well! Check her line out at www.rachelzoe.comIMG_3589IMG_3588IMG_3587

First shoe of the day!

Rebecca Minkoff

Loved @rebeccaminkoff shoes. To see more of her line check out



I recently had the oppurtinity to travel to Lagos, Nigeria!

Amazing place and beautiful people!! Its always amazing to see how other countries live and their everyday routines to survive! In the U.S we take for granted so many things! We don’t stop to realize just how blessed we are! I loved seeing how they piled 50 people into one buss, and how the women carried everything in baskets on there heads. I couldn’t do that if I triedIMG_3376

New York Fun!!

I finally tried the infamous Serendipity on the Upper East side of the city! They are famous for there frozen hot chocolate! I had the mint chocolate frozen hot chocolate. It was amazing and HUGE! The decorations and atmosphere are a bit crazy and all over the place! Its defiantly a great first date spot. The wait was long so make sure to make reservations!  Serendipity —-the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way! #Storyofmylife….




New York Show!!

Keds is going bright and like always have amazing fun prints! My favorite were the pineapple print and the BRIGHT pink!!  I also love some of there quotes!  They are always so positive and encourage women to RUN the world!!

IMG_3309 IMG_3310



August is another month of shoe shows!! Follow me as I head to Nyc, Las Vegas, and Atlanta and put these feet on display!! Lots happens behind the scenes and my traveling is just part of it. Its amazing how blessed I am to make money from simply trying on shoes. Keds, and Nine West for this show! I will be posting some different looks for the fall and spring. Stay tuned!!



I have spent the last month just taking some time to myself! Its crazy how sometimes you have to step back a bit in order to move forward. Losing someone you love makes you see just what is important in your life!! I am now back and will be writing weekly posts about what is going on in my life, thoughts, and exciting new adventures coming my way!! Stayed tuned!!!

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It’s February….time for the latest in Shoes!!!!!

Just wanted to give you a glimpse of 2014’s craziness of shoe month from NYC, ATL, and Vegas. I will be showcasing the latest footwear 2015 trends in the next few weeks….until then “Happy Viewing”

(click to see all the fun ——>) 2014 Recap of Shoe Month ( NYC, ATL, VEGAS)!!!!!!

Footwear Modeling
Footwear Modeling

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