I hope you already know that I host a Podcast. If you don’t, be sure to click on over and check out some of my latest offerings. It’s an outlet I really enjoy and I’m looking forward to growing my audience with varying topics, guests and giveaways. Here are a few of my favorite reasons for being a podcast person. 

  1. The Podcast World Is Booming – Everyone from major brands to media outlets known for more traditional forms of expression (Magazines, TV News, etc.) is starting a podcast these days. That is not a random thing. The growth of podcasting is hard to ignore. ConvinceAndConvert.com broke down the findings of a podcasting study. Their summary says that 57 Million Americans listen to podcast. That’s 21% of the country, which is the same percentage of Americans that use Twitter.
  2. It Feels More Personal – No boring statistics here (although the ones above are pretty impressive). I’m a talker. I prefer speaking to someone whenever possible. Blogging is fun, and great for links and visuals, but my podcast show feels more like a conversation. You never know where the conversation will end up and that is half the fun.
  3. It’s Easy – Listen, I love you guys. Anyone that takes time out of their schedule to tune in to something I have to say, whether it’s listening to a speech or reading an Instagram caption, I appreciate you. In real life though, I’m busy. It takes a lot to create all those messages and stay relevant. For me, podcasting is a fairly easy way to create content.
  4. It’s Current – Sometimes I’ll have blog posts scheduled far in advance. If I am working with a brand or an event, I know what i need to say well before it’s time to say it. There is a set plan and schedule. Having a podcast allows me to change the topic almost instantly. Whether I am recording or going live, if something important happens day-of, I can work it into my show. I can really make it my own, and connect with an audience in an authentic way.
  5. Feedback – Like I said, podcasting feels like a conversation to me. That means I also get to listen. Comments, topic suggestions, reactions to guests . . . anything my audience has to say i am down to listen. It helps me get even more excited about producing the content if I know it is something you asked for, suggested or are sharing with others. What’s your favorite thing about podcasts?
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